Hard Times During a Pandemic: Afraid but Not Alone

Desperate Times Call For Not So Desperate Measures 

Businesses have acknowledged that even though they remain open there is still a struggle to determine what is needed to keep customers comfortable. With a new normal taking us all  by surprise, small businesses are still asking what will bring customers. As we take a look at some tips given by articles online we can  see that the root of the solution may be as simple as going back to the reason why you started a business in the first place! 

Go Back to Why You Started


Think of your business goals when you first opened, and remember why you opened. Was it to have a better experience, have better service, or to fill a gap in the market? While you remember what it is that brought you into starting your business, you also need to keep in mind what kind of service customers expect. In this article by Forbes we are reminded of the 3 pillars of a business relationship – be authentic, stay effective, and keep relevant. To be authentic is to be honest with customers. In showing your customers exactly how your business is holding up you are trusting them to be a part of helping your business. Staying effective simply refers to keeping up as much as you can and adapting new ways to serve. Having new ways to deliver shows customers just how much you are able to adapt to what they need. Although the first two pillars have to do with how you present yourself to the customer, the last pillar reminds you to always interact. Keep your channels of communication open for customers to reach out as a way to keep connecting to customers and to listen to what it is they want. Here are just a few ideas as to how you can stay connected which could be through sending emails, updating your website, and directly asking customers for ideas!

New Normal, New Ideas!

Even after the pandemic passes, it has forced companies to think of new ways to run their companies and has made them think about trying new things in the future. Staying in contact with customers gives a better idea of what needs improvement. If businesses are constantly developing new ways to reach other small businesses they are then able to constantly optimize their customers’ experiences. Networking with other small businesses could bring a good audience to both businesses and in the long run can create good traffic. Now is the perfect time to invest in your business and see what may be missing. As businesses are brought back to the basics, weak spots become apparent. Knowing where you are most vulnerable allows you to solve the issues, and encourage future growth.

Customers – Where Do They Come From?

The age old question for all businesses is how do you get more customers in the door. One of our previous speakers, Anjali Varma, has taught us how we can market to appeal to current and new customers (Check out our previous blog summarizing Anjali’s presentation here). From upselling to increasing engagement online Anjali explains the ultimate goal of decreasing customer acquisition cost. Marketing can be used not only to increase new incoming customers but to also increase how much an existing customer is willing to spend though upselling. If you are looking to bring in new customers with a lower budget, social media would be the perfect option to promote your business and gain followers. With countless resources online there are multiple ways to get your business name out there. Again, check out our previous blog that goes more in depth into Anjali’s presentation!

Keep Growing

Even though it may seem like a difficult time, people all over the world are sharing the importance of supporting small businesses. With small businesses being the foundation of many of our services, we must keep in mind that change and modernization for businesses takes time. But it’s never too late for small businesses to support each other and try something new.

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