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Come to You—No Charge.
Help Needed. Help Found. Pro Bono.

Pro bono means no charge. Call it a service-provider matchmaking service. Call it a higher level of Give & Take. Our mission is to connect pros—people who provide a professional service, a specific expertise, labor or repairs—with people who are in need, and presently not able to pay the normal fee. It is the place where people who can, and who care, come to help out.

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At some point after becoming successful, you realize that life is about much more than a string of personal triumphs. It’s also about empowering other people. When people who have skills to offer can be connected with people in immediate need, that’s when anything can happen.

Joe Sprung — Founder, Joe Pro Bono
How It Works

Tell us what kind of help you need and why! Include as much info as you can.


We’ll notify qualified pros looking to volunteer their time, and they’ll reach out to you.


When you find the pro that’s right for you, you can work together—online, or off.


When the job’s done, rate your experience so we can keep improving our service.

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