Engaging in Times of Disengagement

Looking for some guidance? Looking for a chance to give back? Stuck kickstarting your business or expanding your professional network? Pro Bono work is one of the easiest ways to grow your network, skills, and give you a feeling of accomplishment from the comfort and safety of your home! We want to make sure to promote healthy and safe habits while working on and promoting your business. Although evening networking mixers may not seem like a great idea right now, there are multiple great ways to grow your network and keep your building your skills with the internet! We’re here to promote engagement in times of disengagement, with some tips on how to stay productive when you have to limit contact.

•  Staying connected and engaged with your audience online is now easier than ever thank to various social media outlets and direct messaging boards. Use different social media outlets to portray your message, share relevant stories, and inform people about your business. We know social media can be daunting, so if you’re looking for a mentor or some creative help, we have plenty of professionals that can help you out!

•  Making connections online doesn’t have to be all show, take the initiative and interact with people (don’t be shy)! Connect with people via comments, direct messages and by reacting to their posts. It only takes one connection to change your life, just remember to keep it professional, concise and personable. A good rule of thumb is before you ask someone for something, make it clear what value you are bringing to the conversation. Making the right connections is important in spreading your brand awareness and placing you in the best spot for collaboration and growth.

•  Don’t want to make physical contact with others? Feeling a little sick, and prefer to run your business from home? Joe ProBono connects professionals offering services with clients looking for services on a web platform, letting you get in touch with exactly who you need. Our professionals offer assistance ranging from Tax Preparation to Web Development. Utilizing the virtual component of our services, you can gain access to direct mentoring and quick assistance through a private messaging system.

Creating a loyal audience for your business or brand can keep your business on the path for success. At this time if you feel like you’re disengaging this would be a platform for you to connect with people conveniently from wherever you are – on the go, on the couch or at the office! Don’t let growing uncertainties put a halt to your business ideas, and don’t let an opportunity to help others fall past you. Now’s the time to focus on making new connections, building your brand and lending a hand!

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