Is This For Real?

Come on—who’s going to give away their services for FREE?
Great question. The answer is: more people than you might imagine, and we have a good number of them here. Here are some of the WHOs and WHYs:

Successful People

Quite often, people who have done very well for themselves and have been successful on many levels are very happy to do this: Give Back. They know that fortune smiled upon them, and now they want to spread some sunshine. They tend to be people who are grateful, and who want to make a difference.

Smart Self Promoters

A fair number of people know they can do well by doing good. They can get the name of their business out there by being generous to those who need a boost. Sure, it’s about being a good citizen, but it’s also a smart way to ] promote your brand, get your name in front of more people, get some press, or otherwise gain positive attention.

Younger Professionals

How do you make a name for yourself or your business when you first get going Well, one way to break in to the circle of the established pros is to offer financial, web design, consulting, repair, tech services, etc., to a diverse group of people in your community – including those who can’t pay you right now. It’s how young pros build up their portfolio, and their reputation.

People Who Think Outside The Box

Thorny issues not only require kind, patient people to resolve them, they require creative, gutsy people willing to tackle a problem others just walk away from. Creative thinkers, people who like challenges, and those who look for new solutions to diverse problems, are not only quick on their feet, they are also quick to help.

The Traditional Pro Bono People

For a very long time, lawyers, legal services people, accountants, financial advisors, retired business professionals, and a broad range of consultants have given advice, guidance and serious support at no charge for those who simply cannot afford to pay. Guess what? They still do, and you can find some of them here!

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