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Tabatha Kristy Moss

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Seeking Employment/Interviewing skills

Date: 21 August, 2019


I met Joe Sprung at the 2019 Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference, and felt compelled to reach out since then. I’m hoping that he or someone he works with can help me with my current situation.

I lost my job of 11 years on April 30, 2019. I am looking for assistance in re-entering the workforce in a new industry using the skills from past positions. Career growth and career life-balance are very important to me. As a single mother, I am seeking a company that can be understanding to my situation. In return, I offer the ability to learn quickly, stay organized, and remain loyal to a good cause.

I’d be grateful if someone could review my resume and help me grow professionally with my interviewing skills.

Any guidance in these areas would help me tremendously. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer. I can be reached at tabatha.k.moss@gmail.com or (703) 472-3266.

All my best to you,
Tabatha K. Moss

Why Pro Bono?

I love the mission of Pro Bono! I am doing my part to best tap into resources for possible employment opportunities. Thanks for your help!