Michele Lance

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Custody Lawyer

Date: 3 September, 2019

I am currently in a legal battle between the father of my two children (ages 11 and 9). The father is looking for full custody of them and has strung this narrative alleging that I am crazy and neglectful. My children currently live with him upstate NY, the father and I have never been married or live together, and the kids formerly have lived with me for 9 years. I desperately want them back, and seek 100% custody once again, though am willing to give visitation rights to the father. I currently have a lawyer, but she is overwhelmed with other cases and I fear will be useless in my situation.

The father does not deserve custody as he was only interested in having intercourse with me in exchange for giving me money. This is no way a woman should be treated and I will not put up with it nor have my kids live with a man who encourages that. The case is currently in the Manhattan family court

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