Toby Gotesman Schneier

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Toby Gotesman Schneier

Toby Gotesman Schneier is an American Expressionist painter best known for her unique ability to transform objects, people, scenes, and events into jarring and provocative works of art.

Her sense of irony, joy, whimsy, and pure aesthetics always make for a symphony of unexpected scenes and images. The paintings are fearless and out-of-the-box, while continuously and predominantly remaining relevant.

Her compassion for the human condition, as well as her indefatigable belief in a higher power, are conspicuous throughout the paintings. It has been frequently noted that her work evokes a poignant sense of nostalgia and sentiment, even longing in the viewer, as the pieces appear to be laced with familiarity, ethnicity, and a heightened sense of irony and collective injustice.

Gotesman Schneier’s unabashed use of color and shape, as well as her keen ability to shock the viewer into some sort of action with her bold and direct imagery, have gleaned her enormous praise and accolades throughout the international art community and in the Jewish community-at-large with her critically acclaimed Holocaust collection.

The daughter of Holocaust survivors, as well as a recognized figure in religious, philanthropic, and political life, Gotesman Schneier somehow inserts and embeds a level of “coding” and “mission” into her paintings. One never knows for certain whether the area in question was accidental or purely strategic on the artist’s part. This intriguing symbolism has become a
signature of her work.

Another of Gotesman Schneier’s recent passions is her insatiable need to depict the homeless community in all of its truth. The collection of paintings has an “in your face” quality, which reflects the artist’s mantra that “Tragedy always happens in color.”

This multi-facetted artist has created myriad collections of relevant, current, and fanciful art as well.
A playfulness and an “on-trend’ quality can be found in her shockingly vast collection of paintings in addition to the more serious subject matter.

Gotesman Schneier’s paintings are housed in several known, private collections and have been exhibited in distinguished galleries nationwide.

For more information, visit www.tobygotesmanschneier.com