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Date: 1 August, 2019

Dear Laura Rose Cardona | Digital Strategist | Joe ProBono,
We are the clients of Julissa Wilds from Jasa Brooklyn Adult Protective Services . There has been a mis-justice done to us by our management and maintenance in our co-op. We were told by our building maintenance manager to contact 311 and to write a letter to the board describing the incident and what our rights are. At this time, we have never a response from the board. We do not know if the letter was read by the board members. The maintenance manager did not want to fix what their maintenance worker broke in our apartment. The co-op received violations by HPD and now the management send us an eviction letter saying that we broke a lease by not maintaining our apartment to standards.
I am a woman on disability, and my daughter recently started working and is paying off her college loans. We are not able to afford private lawyers and are in desperate need of representation. We have been told that if we fix the problems (that maintenance actually created and upstairs neighbors constant flooding us), then the management will make the eviction go away. However, the Management refuses to give us any documentation in writing . We have called numerous construction companies and plumbers and after hearing that they have to open their licence. The prices are untouchable.
We have also heard that original tenants from Mitch-A -Lama like we are, are actually getting free renovations. For some reason we are being singled out. They want our Unit. All this is because we complained that there had been noise coming from hot water pipes for more than six months. So one of the maintenance man confirmed that it’s not my faucet, than another one came insisting that it’s my faucet because they don’t want to deal with pipes and broke off my hot water handle. First he said he’ll take responsibility and get new faucet and will install it than after about 4 days he changed his mind. At this point when i turned for help to maintenance manager the maintenance guy lied and said when he came upstairs handle was already broken off. The Manager of Maintenance send me to 311 or to write letters never even providing us with temporary handle or a faucet. After HPD involvement let us to receiving eviction notifications and they are not cashing our maintenance.