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Talmar Anderson
Hiring & Mgmt Expert for Entreprenuers
Talmar Anderson is an expert at helping entrepreneurs create effective hiring strategies and management best practices. She was recently featured in a national television show that aired on Amazon Fire, Roku, and Apple TV. She is a published author and is the creator of the renowned course “Ready. Aim. Hire.” A member of Ewomen’s network, and the Chair for the George Mason University School of Business Women In Business Initiative Advisory Board, Talmar is a recognized authority on installing systems and practices that free owners from having their businesses be completely dependent upon them. She teaches leaders how to hire effectively so that they don’t have to make every decision of every second of every day. Powerful, thought provoking, and personable, Talmar Anderson knows how to create dramatic shifts in your audience's perspective on what it means to be the boss of their businesses. Talmar's historical success in speaking to communities enhance both the positive spirit and the delivery of immediately usable insight and "how tos". for each attendee. Not about “cracking the whip” or “leading by example” in which you do it all - Talmar’s “fluff free” approach is relatable, creates real results, and is instantly beloved by audiences at large. Looking for a speaker to deliver actionable insights? Please feel free to contact for additional information or to set a video call.

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