Our Story
At one time or another,
we all need a little extra help.

Maybe we require an expert who can answer questions and send us in the right direction. We might need financial advice, our own tech guru, or a talented eye. Perhaps we simply need a handyman or a helping hand.

But good help isn’t always easy to find. And services offered at no charge? They’re extremely hard to find. Or they were, until now.

About Joe

Joe Sprung is a life-long entrepreneur and visionary. He’s the founder of JBS Financial, which provides investment banking, consulting and venture capital services. Joe is also the mastermind behind the venture capital start-up 30 Second Pitch, and the non-profit Bear Givers Foundation—all based out of New York City. Aside from lots of hard work and a bit of luck, Joe attributes his success to his instincts and intuition.


The seed was planted after Joe provided services to a high-profile celebrity in the fitness industry (not to be named), saving her hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. She was carrying the burden of hefty tax penalties that had built up over 4 years before she was referred to Joe. Joe was able to get the entire penalty amount abated, succeeding where her previous lawyers and accountants had failed. He also prepared her personal tax returns, and drafted financial statements necessary for her divorce proceedings. She was delighted and relieved and conveyed her gratitude and appreciation for his outstanding service through multiple texts and emails. However, when he invoiced her for his services, instead of payment, he received a letter from her attorneys stating, “It is our understanding that the alleged services…were provided by Mr. Sprung on a pro bono basis.”

This was amusing, considering the wealth of his client, and the amount she charges for her own studio classes and streaming rights. Joe jokingly thought to himself that he might as well go into business on a purely pro bono basis! But the thought sparked a real idea. Why not create a platform for legitimate pro bono exchanges—and not just in legal, accounting and finance, but for a whole host of services? Joe had seen for himself, time and time again, how people in need simply need to be paired with people who can help. And so the beginning of what would become Joe Pro Bono was born…