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Need to establish a 501c3

This is my (our) first venture into creating a 501c3. So we need this basics the .org has identified 5 separate related missions * child literacy before the age of 11 ‘every child should have there own library of books is are primary mission, putting books into the hands of children * cooperation develop an on-line collective of NGO’s that will sell there donated books to purchase new books for children under a single umbrella * teach young adults at risk of or emerging from the mental health ststem skills and learn from working along with the volunteers from other NGO’s * environmentalism recycling used books for resale is an obvious greatly needed recycling endeavour * community there are so many ngo’s with like minded people and volunteers why not cooperate exploit brand identity of the various causes that are related through unifying on a common issue that being literacy

Limited finances, it is a good networking tool
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