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Lawyer for MTA Case and Destruction of Property/Harassment Case

I’m looking for legal advice for two cases:

First, I had an incident with the MTA where I was prompted to go in through the emergency door exit by a MTA worker. However, my finger got caught on the gate and I lost my entire finger nail. The worker did not help me whatsoever, and I had to take myself to the hospital immediately after. I am suffering from tremendous pain still. The MTA sent me paperwork to file a case, however, I had a death in the family and was unable to file within 90 days. I need a lawyer to consult with and discuss if there’s still potential for litigation following the 90 days.

Secondly: An ex of mine who I now have an order of protection against broke multiple items of mine and has been continuously threatening to kill me. I have numerous pieces of evidence proving that he was responsible for breaking my personal property (like my TV). I would like to file a case for the damaged goods as well as pain/suffering inflicted by him.

Do not make enough to afford typical law fees.