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I would like to get a jump-start into a life in investment banking/PE.

I am a former graduate of pre-medicine and public health. For the past 2-3 years I have seen over 9,000 patients in various clinical settings, including trauma-emergency departments to outpatient pulmonary/orthopaedics. I currently work for a premier medical institution. I rotate between working in the emergent and pulmonary setting.

It was my objective to determine whether medicine is my calling; at the present time, I believe my interest lays in management consulting/finance/investment banking. I am looking to sail my frigate into a new direction. I would welcome advice, suggestions, counseling or connections. I am willing to provide whatever I can be of service in exchange. I would love to learn.

I graduated from the university with the second largest endowment in the nation (second to Harvard). I did not take advantage of the strong business program it had.

I am expending all the resources I have to ensure that I may obtain this aspiration.