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Computer help needed, please. I need to fix my site and be tutored in SMMarketing for my new book
Anywhere in NYC. I will gladly come to you.

I have a new book out, Boosters Anonymous, which is about shoplifting first, then recovering from Kleptomania and Alcoholism and dealing with Bipolar disorder, ending with self-realization and spiritualism. ” Steal this Book meets Be Here Now” as one reviewer put it. The stealing is pure fiction but adds to the drama of the book. I started a site on Wix ( ) and basically got ripped off – it isn’t finished or working for a smart phone. I would like to fix it in Wix- which might be the easiest way or take recommendations. Then I need to do the social media marketing for the book. I have the facebook, twitter and instagram accounts set up but I do not know how to navigate that whole world. I am a good writer and an excellent editor and copy editor and am offering my services in that regard here on this site, but my present day computer and social media skills are basically inept. I can email, copy and paste and work in Google docs but that’s about it. The book is available on Amazon with good reviews from both known writers and readers. Any extra funds I might have has been going into trying to promote it. It has been very discouraging, relying on someone else and paying them for no ‘traction’ as they say, but I know it has to be done and I should learn how to do it myself.
Thank you,

I am on disability for bipolar disorder 1 and my funds are seriously limited. Besides that, working with computers without knowing much exasperates my condition dramatically.
I am offering my services to ProBono as an editor and copy editor for aspiring writers as well.
Thank you

Tutoring Social Media Web Design