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I need someone to help me clean and organize my apartment
My apartment?

I would like help to get rid of excess things in my apartment and be able to have space to walk around and to feel better and more confident about myself. I would also like some help with ideas and organization in my home that is long overdue. I would like a fresh start and major changes for this new year but I desparately need help in accomplishing this.

I'm unable to afford any services that would help me get back on my feet after recently losing my job of 17 years. I'm in a finacial situation in which I can barely afford items needed for daily living (eg: toilet paper, clothes, toothpaste, etc.). Anyone who can make it a real possibility to be able to help me with my clean up project with kindness, would make such a difference in my life right now and encourage me to get to where I can give back to someone else in need.