Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We connect clients in need with professionals looking to help at no charge (pro bono). Learn more about it on the Why Pro Bono? page.

  • Small businesses or small start-ups
  • Social service, non-profit & charity organizations
  • Seniors who need a host of support services
  • Underserved community service groups & school districts
  • Communities in need after fire, flood, hurricane or other natural disasters
  • Environmental groups & human/animal rights organizations
  • Individuals or families who require legal or financial guidance

Think: Give & Take. Gaining an advantage, not taking advantage. And being honest with the people who are honestly willing to help out.

If you need one of the services listed here and honestly cannot pay (or pay the full amount for that service), Joe Pro Bono was designed with you in mind.

Simply create an account and describe your situation and the work you need help with—the rest is up to the pros. If a qualified pro expresses interest in helping with your job, the two of you will negotiate terms, length of service, no pay or low pay, and the particulars that work for both of you.

We are not interested in qualifying anyone. Anyone who wants to help and contribute their services is welcome.

Each situation is determined between the pro and the client! At the very least, clients will receive advice and be pointed in the right direction.

No need to clarify. You will be treated with respect and absolute courtesy. Assume when the pro responds that there is no charge.

That is strictly up to you. These individuals want to help you and you are absolutely free to independently verify their competency.

This is determined on a case-by-case basis between the pro and the client.

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